Axanteus Research is a premier, independent and full-service market research / business intelligence firm offering the following services: Customized Research, Syndicated Research, Information Services and Information Databases. 

We provide the full range of research solutions to enable you as an individual as well as your business to succeed. Whether it is raw data you require, information that you need to base your decisions on, insights from market research or consultancy to manage your research projects or information infrastructures, you will find that you only need to approach us.

Axanteus Research is a corporate member of ESOMAR, the leading international organization of market research firms and professionals, as well as the Market Research Society. We adhere strictly to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) / ESOMAR International Code on Marketing and Social Research as well as ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

We are committed to the highest standards of professional practice and we deliver research excellence that supports effective decision-making.